Pro4CE Agri

Farmers and investors increasingly see the benefits of investing in Slovak and Czech farms, farmlands and other Agricultural Real Estate. We advise our clients how to define and implement their strategy, support them in realizing their preferred acquisitions and professionally manage their properties.

Agri Property Advice

Entering new countries in Central and Eastern Europe require a solid strategy and professional implementation. With over 24 years of experience in this region our experts are providing you with the necessary know how and experience in the Agricultural sector.

Agri Investments

Successful Investments in Agricultural Real Estate require a solid foothold in the region, outstanding market knowledge, legal and financial know-how and a strong local network. Pro4CE has these expertise and experience available for you to support your investments in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Agri Property Management

Private clients and investors, increasingly want Pro4CE to manage their Agricultural Properties. We have seen a steady increase in properties under our management for a large client group. Our experienced staff, professional local network and strong communication with our clients makes this possible.

You have a vision. We have the expertise.