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Pro4CE is a boutique consultancy firm specialised in solid investment advice and management in promising Central Europe. Our professional team with dutch management, based in Bratislava, Slovakia, has built up extensive expertise in supporting companies and private/institutional investors for over more than two decades reflected in an international clientele. Our focus is to continuously identify new opportunities, remain independent in our advice and maintain the highest self-imposed standards ...

“Pro4CE has played an important role in preparing our company to sell part of its activities and property. All the financial and contractual parts were very well managed by Pro4CE. They also succeeded to help us renew our cooperation with a preferred local farm operator. Currently Pro4CE is still closely working with us in Slovakia and managing our properties as local property manager.”
Slovak farm and landowner want to sell part of his farm and related property to raise cash for further investments.
“Due to the direct involvement of Pro4CE we were able to not only find a suitable farm but also to buy it after successfully finishing a sometimes complex acquisition process. And it’s a pleasure to be in Slovakia and to be able to farm here.”
Dutch farmers family want to buy a larger Slovak farm and relocate to Slovakia
“Pro4CE has played a key role in securing the first deal and in extending and improving our operations in Slovakia. Very direct and practical support from Pro4CE enables us, as investors, to realise our long term goals in agricultural real estate investments and enables the farmer to improve its operations, especially in growing and storing of potatoes.”
Belgian investors acquire Slovak farm
“IKEA has been able to rely on the know-how and experience of Pro4CE in developing and implementing its strategy in the Slovak Republic to secure the long term supply of suitable wood for its production plant for wooden panel boards”
Wood supply for IKEA in Slovakia
“Due to the direct involvement of Pro4CE we were able to locate and acquire the farm that fits our criteria and offers us the opportunities in farming we are looking for in Slovakia.”
German farmers acquire Slovak farm
“Working with Pro4CE, we were able to execute a fast sale of our project and receive a sum that was higher than the minimum price we initially expected. Pro4CE provided us with transparent and practical advice and support during all phases of the sales process.”
Real Estate Investment Slovakia
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