About Pro4CE

Pro4CE is an independent international consultancy company active in Central and Eastern Europe
and specialized in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

We are successfully active in Central and Eastern Europe since 1993 and our team has built up extensive experience in projects typically for public institutions and for companies and private and institutional investors. Our advisory services for focus on International Consultancy, Agriculture, Real Estate and Tourism. We continuously identify new opportunities for our clients, remain independent in our advice while we focus on quality, reliability and respecting ethical standards. Our clients reflect our European nature. The majority of our clients come from Holland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the UK, Ireland and Italy.

During its 24 years presence in Central and Eastern Europe, the management team of Pro4CE has established a unique and strong local network that is fully utilized and put to work for you. Also our independent status guarantees that your interest as client is always put in first place. The consultants in our network have a very diverse background, gender, nationality and discipline.

Our experts in Bratislava are permanently managed by a professional and experienced team of both Dutch and Slovak experts from the headquarters in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

You have a vision. We have the expertise.